Monday, March 7, 2016

Over-due update: a couple professional articles, GDC, and a promotion!

Hey folks,

Since I've last updated, there have been a few exciting updates. First, I've written a couple of professional blogs over on Digital Tutors and Pluralsight. The first post is about the importance of maintaining trust on your team, and can be found here.

The second is about the importance of standards, both technical standards and standards-of-practice. That post can be found here. Regrettably, it seems that the image links are broken, but they're not too necessary to the substance of the post. Both of these posts pull a lot from my experiences as a tech artist at Riot, including some challenges we've faced as Riot has grown over the years.

More recently, I'm excited to say I've been able to take on additional responsibilities in a more senior role. I am now an Art Lead on the Personalization team, currently managing seven artists. I'm learning a ton, and am incredibly thankful for the resources and mentors I've had available to me on this journey. Not that I've been super diligent about updating this blog, but as I continue to update in the future, you can expect some content related to the challenges of mentoring, setting expectations for your team, etc.

Last note: after taking a three-year hiatus, I will be returning to GDC this year! In addition to the general sessions, I will be attending the tech art boot-camp. Hope to see you there!

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