Friday, August 31, 2012

Derp Planet 2

Bah! I'm working on some unity stuff, but haven't made enough progress to post anything with a character controller or anything today. :I 
Now with twice the planet! See if you can get a double-orbit going. :D Random win condition I made: Get the black moon orbiting both planets, ideally in a figure-8, with the orange objects on one planet and the yellow on the other. GLHF.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wengar the Wion

Not sure if linking to a video counts as my daily post, so without further ado...
Wengar the Wion. 

Inventing On Principle

This talk is utterly captivating. Through some brilliant visual examples, Bret Victor talks about his core design belief ("Creators need an immediate connection to what they create") and gives advice on finding your own mission in life. Very thought provoking, very inspiring. 

Quick 40 minute sketch of what I had in mind when I first started working on Unity again. Quick pitch: fast-paced platformer combat on shifting asteroids. This is a very, very lofty goal, but allows for progress and occasional check-ins along the way. I have no idea what form my experiments will actually take, but this was the seed of the idea.
I like this mental target, as it provides several learning opportunities. From here, I'll need to learn about:
- 3rd-person camera systems. Account for large foreground elements, enemy targeting, etc.
- Moving a character with rigidbody elements through a space
- Attacking, hit boxes... the entirely of a combat system. Tracking stats.
- UI elements
- Lots, lots more.
My next step, I think, will be starting my control set-up and camera for my character. Wish me luck!

I’m getting back into unity. Eventually I want to move towards a 3rd-person adventure type project with some crazy physics shenanigans. For now, you get a derpy planet as I learn the ropes. (Click here to experience the magic)
1) click-drag to shake planet around
2) Shift-drag to rotate camera
3) enjoy! :I
Leona is always mean to Diana. :C

Now also on Tumblr!

Hello folks,

In the time since we last spoke, I created a Tumblr. In an effort to be a bit more cross-platform, I'll be copying Tumbr posts to here as well. Let me know if you know a great cross-blog posting/ automation tool.