Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Semester!

And suddenly we're in the home stretch.

It's been a really awesome ride at Ringling. I know I've learned tons, and I'm mostly happy with the things I've accomplished here. Thesis and the job hunt are the final big hurdles, and I am optimistic that I'll cross the finish line just fine.

This semester I'll be taking digital painting, a great opportunity for me to develop my concept portfolio alongside my animation portfolio. I'm going to guess that I'll be hired into animation, however... I don't know if my concept art abilities are quite up to competing with the legions of illustrators out there.

I'm also feeling like I have a bit of wiggle-room this semester to get some life-things back in order. I'm trying to exercise, and my lower back is currently really sore from Tuesday's Capoeira class. I'm studying Islam and film as side courses. I'm doing occasional RPing with friends (though I've relinquished my DM/GM role for now). I'm exploring indie games, such as The Path by Tale of Tales.

To summarize, things feel balanced and unless I'm grossly underestimating the path ahead of me, the worst of the work load is behind me.

Cheers to 2010! Happy trails.