Friday, October 23, 2009

Stepped -> Spline

This is always a troublesome stage.

I've segmented my thesis into five sections, each about 500 frames long. I am now attempting to go to first pass/ second pass animation, attacking the sections one by one. I hope to be done with all of them by the end of next week, at which point I'll need to go back and further tighten the "floaty bits." Really, it's at this point where I see what actually holds up in my layout and where I'll need to re-stage some stuff. Overall, it is a challenging part of the process... but I'll get 'er done.

The other challenge right now is music. I'm not sure what genre best fits my piece... my ideal music would be a low-key piece with mechanical undertones that builds to a climax about eighty seconds in. I'm having trouble finding it. Killer Tracks is a wonderful source, however, and I'll continue to mine its resources.

This has been an odd week, but i think I'm getting the hang of it. This weekend is eventful in that both Aless's mother and my parents will be in town. Hopefully this will mean some good meals and evenings together without a huge loss of productivity during the day.

Edit: After getting reminded by Keith how easy it is to lean on Maya too much by going to spline early, I'm going to try to change my process a bit. Staying in stepped for now, will hit spline after a few more breakdowns.

Arcs and overlap! Keep truckin'!

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